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J R Baker Tree Care Specialists Ltd are dedicated to the proper maintenance of trees in the urban environment, offering quality service and some of the best experience available in the business. We can work on any size project without losing the care and attention that has made our reputation with our many satisfied customers.

Unlike most arborists, John and his team have also gained competencies in dangerous, windblown trees and chemical spraying, including noxious weeds and Japanese Knotweed. This experience is vital in the leadership he provides to our arboricultural teams.

If a site is open or accessible to the public, your property has a public right of way across it or by it or even any neighbouring properties, we can undertake a tree hazard assessment of the trees on your site, numerically tag them, prioritise from urgent to no work required, keep fully computerised records and carry out any necessary work.

These actions will cover an owners 'duty of care' under Liability Acts.
We have worked on the railway infrastructure for over five years as a sub-contractor to Network Rail/Alfred McAlpine Capital Projects, H W Martin, Anzio and John Mowlem Railways.

Embankment clearance before ...

during ...

... and after:

John is very well qualified and well respected in the field of arboriculture especially within the railway industry.
Emergency works are a speciality as we are able to place qualified and professional teams at very short notice.
We are a Link-up Approved supplier to the Railway industry in Tree Felling & Scrub clearance both 'lineside' and 'on or near the line'.

Self sufficiency in contracts is vital and we provide our own E.S, COSS's, Lookouts, Site Wardens and trained PTS staff within our professional arboricultural teams.

We are also qualified in Industrial Rope Access (IRATA) to once again enable a full team to be present for rock face clearances.
Resources include plant and machinery to ensure a site specific contract works and works well.

We have a trained office administrator who ensures that systems, records and procedures are in place and that they are well documented and comprehensive.
All safety, environment and industry information is well maintained with external audits taking place by an additional rail safety advisor to verify processes, procedures and on-site works.

J R Baker Tree Care Specialists Ltd is committed to meeting performance expectations. We believe this can only be secured through the employment of competent and experienced staff, suppliers and sub-contractors who share our objective and commitment.

We also believe the performance levels we are working for can only be achieved through our chosen suppliers and sub-contractors working closely with us within a balanced trading relationship incorporating the same principles of environment, quality, safety, co-operation and continuous value enhancement.

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