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Trees provide significant benefits to our homes, villages and cities but when trees fall and injure people or damage property, they are liabilities. Taking care of tree hazards makes your property safer and prolongs the life of the tree.


Large trees in small gardens or trees invading properties, greenhouses, sheds pose a serious problem to some householders and their neighbours. Evaluating the seriousness is best done by a professional. Tree removal requires considerable experience and training to successfully complete the task.

We have the necessary expertise and equipment to dismantle and remove problem trees safely causing little disturbance to its surround.
Our goal in all our tree work operations is to provide thorough clean-up of debris and cause minimal impact to surrounding vegetation.

Tree removal before:

Tree removal after:

When it comes to tree work only the best will do. Trees are living things and if they do not get exactly the right care and treatment they will degenerate or even die. Even cutting off one damaged branch could terminally affect the whole tree if not done so correctly. Incorrect pruning and trimming can cause considerable damage. We have the specialist knowledge and experience to get it right so your trees are in the best of health.


Tree removal is a necessary part of landscape management. Removing trees provides an opportunity to replant the site with young vigorous trees that can make a positive contribution to the landscape.

Before thorough clearing:

After thorough clearing:


Selective removal from crowded areas provides space for remaining trees to grow and when space is needed for new buildings and site changes, a professional removal is a must

Each job receives our expert advice and free quotation. We are available anytime so please do call us with any tree problem you may have and we will give you our fullest attention. For people who really care about their work contact J R Baker Tree Care Specialists Ltd.


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